Posted: March 12, 2013 in Trend in ELT Assignment
This paper presents a study developed with 103 secondary school teachers,which assumed the purpose of analysing the efficiency of two differentapproaches in teachers’ ICT training, specifically formal and informal courses.This analysis was conducted considering teachers’ perceived impact of formaland informal teachers’ training courses as well as the number of coursesattended into two different psychological constructs: (a) teachers’ perceptionof ICT use in professional activities and (b) computer self-efficacy. Significantdifferences were possible to identify in these two different formats of traininginitiatives.
Technologies, Training and Teacher Professional Practices
The current society is frequently described as immersed in a digital age, inwhich technologies have a leading role in personal, societal and professionalinteractions. The Internet, PC´S, mobile phones, tablets and other gadgets have profoundly transformed the way people live, work and occupy their leisuretime.
This digital revolution brought major challenges to education and educators.Todays’ schools cannot stay aside from the development of society and thechallenges that this development entails. A digital society needs a new school,an innovative one with a new vision and new teaching methods whereInformation and Communications Technologies
(ICT) are an asset.But school transformation can only happen with a robust and strategicinvestment in its professionals. Unfortunately, Mckenzie (2002) observed thatfew countries have really cared about the quality of their teachers. Their teaching styles, aspirations, potential, needs and fears are poorly considered.ICT is frequently referred as a territory where teachers do not feel comfortableto step in. For many teachers, technologies really scare them. ICT uses alanguage that is not their own (Prensky, 2001), and it requires them too mucheffort, time and investment (Cerezo, 2006) to proficiently manipulate them. Itis not surprising that regarding the discomfort and all the difficulties in dealing
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