Using Web 2.0 in an Introduction to Computing Simon Bolivar University

Posted: March 12, 2013 in Trend in ELT Assignment
The following work is part of an experience of the use of Web 2.0 in an Introduction toComputing at the University Simon Bolivar. The subject of Introduction to Computing isissued in compliance with theoretical and practical components concerning basicconcepts of computing. The Simon Bolivar University in 1999 suffered a landslide thatcaused the loss of much of its infrastructure coupled with this, the students of thecourse with the arrival of the rainy season have difficulty making physical presence inthe University, because heavy rains and fears of a possible re-release of what wasexperienced in 1999. Professor of the subject has had to make use of the servicesoffered by Web 2.0 in order to continue with the course of the subject, knowledgeconstruction and facilitation of content without the students and teacher do physicalpresence in the classroom .
Key Words:
Experience, Web 2.0, Introduction to Computing
Features of the course Introduction to Computing
The course Introduction to Computer Science at the Universidad Simón Bolívar isadministered by the Department of General Education and Basic Sciences, which allcollege students must attend it. The area is characterized by a structure consist oftheoretical and practical, in the subject being studied basic concepts of computing,among which include the use of tools offered by the Web to allow the exchange ofinformation, participation and collaboration by users of this medium. The unitscomprising the course are:Unit I: Conceptual Foundations of Computing.Unit II: Software and Systems.Unit III: Communication Networks.Unit IV: Data Storage and Security.Unit V: Office Automation, Database and Information Systems.Unit VI: E – Commerce.Each unit consists of a practice session, in which exercises are performed ortechnical procedures to supplement the theory or simply place the contents studied in aperformance situation as similar to reality.
Terms college
The Simón Bolívar University (Headquarters of the Coast), suffered seriousdamage in the physical structure during the landslide of 1999, losing about 90% of itsacademic and sports facilities, which resulted in the suspension of studiesHeadquarters coastline and pursuing studies in Sartenejas, although started academicactivities in new buildings still under construction status, coupled with this tropicallocation generates our rainy periods characterized by heavy rains, which createsnervousness in the university community and resistance to attend classes in conditionsthat involve risk and danger to the physical, because the experience in 1999 and areassurrounding the campus.
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