Toward Critical Educational Technology for Early Childhood Education

Posted: March 12, 2013 in Trend in ELT Assignment

Edi SubkhanCurriculum and Educational Technology Department,Education Faculty, State Semarang 


This article as a theoretical overview explains and introduces the basic concept of thecritical perspective on educational technology for early childhood education,especially for the Indonesian audience. The critical perspective derived from thecritical pedagogy notions is very important as a critical tool of analysis on examinesthe creating, using, and managing of the learning media and method for earlychildhood education. The critical analysis result would be the prominent considerationon educational technology activities (creating, using, managing) and the criticalpedagogy notions itself become the reference paradigm and foundation for thoseactivities. The subtantial objectives of the early childhood education from the criticalpedagogy perspective are tend to bring the learning practice more democratic,emancipatory, dialogic, participatory, and transformative for the childs’ cognitive,afective and psychomotoric development. The concern of the critical pedagogy forearly childhood education is not insist to build the childs’ critical consciousness, but tonurture the childs’ need for critical inquiry, in this case the teachers position isimportant to develop and practicing the learning practice based on the criticalpedagogy notions and also examine critically the early childhood education policy, itscurriculum, and etc.Keywords: critical pedagogy, early childhood, educational technology, ICT-based learningmedia, and method.

The recent development within oureducational practice in Indonesia is thetechnologization, that is the massive useof the ICT-based learning media andmethod. It is not only the phenomenon onthe elementary, secondary and highereducation, but it emerge into earlychildhood educational practice. There arelots of various “educational technology”for early childhood education, in examplemultimedia learning compact disk (CD),educative games, and others. This trendoften leave behind the old andconventional media such as teachingaids, miniature, models, and others. Thelearning method which is follows thelearning media also variously developedsuch as out bond learning, contextuallearning-teaching, quantum learning-teaching, constructivist learning approachand etc. But the emerging of thetechnology into education doesn’t onlyhave the positive “effects” to facilitate thelearning practice, in other side it alsohave the negative effects as an obstaclefor the learning objectives. Several casesbelow indicate those negative effects of the technology based learning practice onearly childhood education.The most negative effects fromthe use of the ICT-based learning mediacome from its content that containviolence, negative ethnic, religion, andcultural stereotyped, biasedunderstanding about gender and etc.
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