Supporting learning with ICT inpre-school settings

Posted: March 12, 2013 in Trend in ELT Assignment
The introduction of ICT (information and communication technologies) to the playroom can presentchallenges. How can practitioners respond to changes and create opportunities for learning withICT? Practitioners and researchers worked together in the project
to address thesequestions. They reflected on ways in which children’s encounters with ICT could be enhanced. They used the concept of guided interaction to initiate small projects which explored differentapproaches to supporting learning in different settings, and shared their findings with each other.
Children’s encounters with ICT are enhancedwhen practitioners use guided interaction.Encounters with ICT accompanied by guidedinteraction can enhance three key areas of learning: dispositions to learn, knowledge of the world and operational skills.Providing a broad range of ICTs promotesmore opportunities for learning.Professional development can helppractitioners to find ways of enhancing thevalue of encounters with ICT whilstbalancing child-initiated and adult-ledactivities.Maximising the learning benefits of ICT requires a responsive, reflective pedagogywhich values pleasure and engagement aswell as operational skills.Nurseries should broaden their focus fromcomputers to other forms of ICT, includingdigital still and video cameras, mobilephones, and electronic keyboards and toys.
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