Supporting ICT Use in Schools with a Public-Private Partnership: Experiences in South-East Asia

Posted: March 12, 2013 in Trend in ELT Assignment
ICT Use in Schools: Motivation

The primary motivation for the use of ICT in schools is thatit engages our learners in constructing meaning,communicatin and collaboratin effectivel solvinproblems, self-regulating their learning, and learningintentionally in a facilitated learning environment.

ICT Use in Schools:Where Are We Now?
Gaps and weaknesses in the use of ICT in education:
Inadequate basic infrastructure
Lack of connectivity, hardware & software
Lack of technical support
ac o uns or operaons manenance
Absence of systematic management support
Lack of ICT-based materials
Lack of ownership by schools
Lack in integration into existing curriculum
Teacher overload
Teacher lack of incentives and motivation
Public-Private Partnerships
Public-private partnerships (PPP) as possiblemechanisms for developing and sustaining publicinfrastructure and services have created growinginterest from governments around the world. Such
Public-Private Partnerships
partnersps were ente at te nteNations Conference on Environment andDevelopment –the Rio Earth Summit –as centralto achieving global sustainable development.
Public-Private Partnerships

PPP then focuses on the shared responsibility ofboth the public and private sectors towards theprovision and maintenance of infrastructure andservices for the general population.

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