From ICT coordination to ICT integration:a longitudinal case study

Posted: March 12, 2013 in Trend in ELT Assignment
This study utilizes a school-improvement perspective to examine the role of curriculum coor-dination in the integration of information and communication technologies (ICT) into primaryschools. The nature and impact of this role is examined in seven primary schools inAustralia.ThesesevenschoolsweredrawnfromalongitudinalinterventionthatprovidedadditionalICT-related resources and personnel to the schools.An instrument, referred to as the Learning Out-comes and Pedagogy Attributes (LOPA) measure, was developed and charted for the sevenschoolsoverthe4-yeardatacollectionperiod.ThechangesinLOPAscoreovertimewerethenanalysed in terms of the conditions at the school with regard to curriculum ICT coordination.Thestudyconcludesthatthecoordinatorroleandschoolleadershipingeneral,playcriticalbutvarying roles in the complex process of ICT integration into schools. Success appeared to beassociated with the support provided for the role, the extent to which the role was connected toschool leadership, personal leadership characteristics of those in the role and the strategiesemployed within the role.
Keywords : case study, ICTcoordination, ICTintegration, leadership, school improvement.
Education has always lived in tension between twofunctions: education as a matter of assuring continuityand as a matter of fostering change and creativity(Haddad & Draxler 2002). Within these developments,information and communications technology (ICT)brings a new set of challenges and pressures. Researchon ICT in education reveals that although teachers aregradually starting to integrate ICT into their teachingstrategies, significant differences are observed in theway ICT is integrated in the classroom (e.g. Tondeur
et al
. 2008b). Some teachers are intrinsically motivatedto use ICT in educational practice, while others do notshare this affinity. For this reason, many researchers
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